• Done...

    P11/21/2021 at 18:23 0 comments

    32 LEDs, with a laser cut MDF enclosure. 

    Takeaways: I wouldn't do this again, the amount of soldering was not worth it, just buy one from amazon and hack it.

    also there was no need for a milled PCB, could've made it a lot simpler by balling all the GND/VDD wires together and soldering them at once or using some stripboard.

    Buuuuuutttt the end result is pretty neat, and the silicone flowers + the enameled wire trunk look pretty cool. Nice polyhedron wood 'pot' too, so maybe I'd give it a 5/10?

  • Log 3

    P03/18/2021 at 02:21 0 comments

    Soldering these LEDs is quite a commitment. I'm up to 12 now and started looking around to see if there's anything similar that I could've just bought instead and found very many trees like this one. I'm far enough into this project that I want to see it through, but I might recommend to anyone wanting an LED tree to just buy it and hack it instead of building one from scratch.

    That being said I thought the little silicone flowers on some of the trees on the market were cool and was able to find them for sale on aliexpress. The tree is looking really good now even just at 12 LEDs running one of the demo neopixel scripts, I'm really digging the look/feel of the enamel wire as the trunk and roots and the flowers hide much of the heatshrink and LED leads. I'm working on a laser-cut wooden box enclosure as well which I'll upload CAD files and images of once it's put together. Pictures below:

  • Log 2

    P03/02/2021 at 22:58 0 comments

    Decided to go with a 64 channel board instead. both boards are uploaded in case anyone still wants the 32 channel design

  • Log 1

    P03/02/2021 at 17:25 0 comments

    I've got the LEDs and enamel wire, milled the board, and tested it with two LEDs and it looks good. Wiring the LEDs is time consuming, next update will hopefully have all the LEDs wired up.