0% DMR radio listener

Listen for a buddy's callsign calling out on a DMR repeater.

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Ham radio communication often involves leaving a radio on to a frequency or a local repeater, where you listen for a buddy to call you. Well, that can be annoying if 10 different users and lots of kerchunks interrupt the general silence on the frequencies from time to time. is a new experiment building a listener to alert via SMS text message whenever a call sign is used on the radio.

Previously a SDR with voice recognition was required to set up, and no one successfully set this up yet - in my own experiments while building it I found it to really not work so well with any static on the radio, and problems with voice recognition.

DMR however has a digital listing of call signs as they call in to the system through one of hundreds of repeaters around the world. This requires a DMR capable radio (such as the AnyTone D868UV or Radioddity GD77) programmed to listen to a local DMR hotspot/repeater.

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Dan Maloney wrote 03/08/2021 at 17:46 point

This is interesting to me. I was actually thinking about using some sort of machine learning to listen to local repeaters for specific callsigns -- kind of like a "digital callsign squelch". Also had the idea that something similar could listen to public service channels and send an alert when it recognized something "big" happening. But alas, all the local law enforcement went to encrypted dispatch, so it doesn't make sense anymore.

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programmin1 wrote 03/09/2021 at 01:25 point

There should be some sort of local alert system you can sign up your phone number to? And yeah feel free to fork/pull request anything you want to add to research project, sounds like what you are looking for somewhat.

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programmin1 wrote 03/06/2021 at 17:23 point

Now submitted in Instructables' "AUTOMATION" contest where you may vote for it if you wish.

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