This is one of those "very small keyboards" you can found on the Internet (like the ones with only 1/0 keys for really low-level coding. Hey, I even made something similar by putting a keyboard inside a mouse with a bunch of leds! : D).

It's based on an attiny85 working with the v-usb library to act as a regular keyboard (there are a bunch of examples about how to made one of those; just add a couple of diodes, some resistors and that's it!). It's running a basic keyboard example snippet with the key logic attached:

  • The Stack Overflow button types + ENTER, to quick access the most used reference website!
  • The CTRL + C button performs a copy operation by pressing CTRL and, at the same time, the C key.
  • The CTRL + V button does a similar operation but for pasting (using the V key).

Source code on github if you're interested!

TO-DO (or not, who knows...):

  • Putting all the stuff inside a cool box, maybe adding some keys or buttons to make it look fancy (maybe)