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F-35 nozzle ✓

Hotshoe for microphone ✓

PC board pliers for etching  wide boards. ✓

Gopro mount for carbon fiber rod✓

Gopro mount with servo panning✓

Ambidextrous RC car remote control ✓

Silent RC Truck✓

hat rack fittings✓

Shroud for a power strip switch.✓

Starlink router replica✓

Charging stand✓

TPU pocket protector✓

Jig for gluing sandals.

Adapt sphere cam to carbon fiber.

Better speaker stands.✓

FD to EOS RF extension tube.  Using a 50mm as a macro is the only practical use of an FD lens.  Experiments showed the minimum focus distance becomes 80cm if the FD is 15mm beyond the EF flange distance.  Unfortunately, the FD becomes fixed focus because this makes its maximum focus distance the same as its minimum focus distance.  The 50mm is visually too similar to the 100mm to justify this idea.

binaural microphone with ear shapes

Vintage flash enclosure

Fan enclosure

Model rocket made of PETG, in a starship shape

Incense holder, maybe shaped like a BFR✓

Miniature server rack for raspberry pi's

SpaceX logo stencil

Audio gear enclosures which allow modular attachment of the raspberry pi to the preamp & other sources.

Equatorial mount

EOS RF mount for microscope.

Enclosures for the camera remote controls.✓

Decent headset microphone which costs less than

Easily removable CPU fan.

Robotic dog

Starship cutaway dollhouse

Pop socket.  These have faded from popularity, but lions wanted to use them as handles for other gadgets.  The trick is getting them to stay closed or stay open.

Foam molds for a pterodactyl.

Enclosure for gopro gimbal✓

Soap refill jig✓

Filament drier✓

Spirograph - totally useless, but easy to print & a way to use the lion kingdom's collection of useless dollar store pens.  Nowadays, a practical spirograph would be a phone app, but maybe there's value in being able to draw large format hard copies.  There could be a magnetic jig which stayed in place on the paper, inner & outer jigs, different sized jigs, anaglyphs.  Maybe there's a way a confuser could use a lion as a plotter, through a spirograph type device which directed the position of the pen but relied on animal power to move the pen.

  • Glasses stand

    lion mclionhead09/28/2023 at 22:01 0 comments

    You never know what you need until space runs out.  Storing glasses on a stand might save a few thou in rent.

  • New key case

    lion mclionhead04/19/2023 at 22:40 0 comments

    The top overhang is a problem with this.  The best top ended up being a point.  The slit tends to separate during printing.  It might be slightly too short for the car key.  The only way to get the car key out is to take the plastic out 1st.  Thickness of the key case is still unknown.  It's thick enough to store all the keys, but it's manely empty most of the time so the keys bounce around.

  • Starship lighter

    lion mclionhead04/18/2023 at 01:50 0 comments

    This $175  definition of insanity is many zeros out of lion pay grade, but it's a must have for anyone who owns a starship incense burner.  The printed version would be higher fidelity & have a removable $10 lighter.  The 50 cent lighters lions have been using for 23 years are truly terrible.

    The mane challenge is exposing the ignition switch.  Butane torches all have a sliding switch.  A dab of hot snot might do the job but the lighter has to be removable.  They're now $9 & 20 butane refills are $8.  Storing butane in the apartment does not appeal.  A plasma lighter would be cheaper but not have raptor appeal.  This one might succumb to a plasma lighter being so much more practical.

    The mane problem is unlike the starship incense burner & the starlink router replica, the form has no purpose.  It's purely artistic.

  • Filament cabinet

    lion mclionhead01/18/2023 at 19:47 0 comments

    Filament storage has turned into a monster, given the need for dryness.  

    No, you can't store filament in open air like a gootube star dramatizes.  Gootube stars can afford to buy new filament every week.  Even PLA absorbs water & dies over time.

    Most animals seem to store it in a plastic bin & access it from above.  The problem is the horizontal space required for that is $1000/sq ft.  Vertical storage is more economical.

  • camera bag

    lion mclionhead11/27/2022 at 09:12 0 comments

    The general idea is fabric patterns would be printed in TPU & the TPU would be folded like fabric.  Unlike a fabric, TPU sheets can have vertical elements.  It  would have EVA panels sandwiched between voronoi patterned TPU sheets.  The simplest camera bag is a box.  The edges of the box could have vertical elements of the TPU fabric.  The vertical elements could be where different sides of the box or different sides of the EVA sandwich join.  The mane limitation is the size of the print bed.  The box couldn't be printed in 1 piece.  Each side would have to be a standalone panel.  It might have to use solvents to bond the TPU sheets.

  • Mount a USB hub on a pole

    lion mclionhead09/25/2022 at 04:58 0 comments

    The trick is to treat TPU like a fabric.  Print patterns to be bent.  It can't be glued to itself so instead it has to use farsteners & pressure.  Maybe it's time to try wireless mice again.  They were pretty awful 20 years ago, but now cables are pretty awful.

  • Vibram rubber printer filament

    lion mclionhead09/19/2022 at 08:42 0 comments

    Never going to happen, but lions thought they would throw it out there.  Wonder what the fumes from melted vibram rubber would do to an animal.  There are 2 part rubbers which can be painted on TPU, for a price.

  • Starship incense burner

    lion mclionhead06/24/2022 at 03:59 0 comments

    Backflow incense has gained popularity in recent years.  It sort of defeats the purpose to have the smoke go down, but whatever.  It requires specially shaped backflow cones & a holder with a channel for the smoke.   Imagine backflow incense coming out the rear end of a starship.  

    The lion kingdom's original idea of an incense stick inside a starship never took off.  The trick is a clamp which keeps the stick in a vertical orientation.  The stick could then fit inside a starship enclosure or cutaway.

  • Shock mount for a tiny microphone

    lion mclionhead06/15/2022 at 18:00 0 comments

    The mane need is isolating a microphone from a truck.  It would be made of rubber bands.  This was a tensegrity structure which could do the job.  The mane problem is a longer lasting rubber band.

  • Shower curtain rings

    lion mclionhead05/19/2022 at 09:13 0 comments

    There's never a shower curtain ring salesman when you need one.  After decades of frustration with shower curtain rings coming undone, breaking, not being filled with helium, or not being Diane Sawyer ear rings, there's real momentum behind this idea.  As usual, the designs on the internet all suck.

    After years of struggles, the lion kingdom came up with the Dell Griffith Mark 1, a single piece printable shower curtain ring.  How long it lasts, whether it stays locked, are all to be determined.

    Printed a full set over 3 hours.  They also work as ear rings.

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