F-35 nozzle ✓

Hotshoe for microphone ✓

PC board pliers for etching  wide boards. ✓

Gopro mount for carbon fiber rod✓

Gopro mount with servo panning✓

Ambidextrous RC car remote control ✓

Silent RC Truck✓

hat rack fittings✓

Shroud for a power strip switch.✓

Starlink router replica✓

Charging stand✓

TPU pocket protector✓

Jig for gluing sandals.

Adapt sphere cam to carbon fiber.

Better speaker stands.

FD to EOS RF extension tube.  Using a 50mm as a macro is the only practical use of an FD lens.  Experiments showed the minimum focus distance becomes 80cm if the FD is 15mm beyond the EF flange distance.  Unfortunately, the FD becomes fixed focus because this makes its maximum focus distance the same as its minimum focus distance.  The 50mm is visually too similar to the 100mm to justify this idea.

binaural microphone with ear shapes

Vintage flash enclosure

Fan enclosure

Model rocket made of PETG, in a starship shape

Incense holder, maybe shaped like a BFR

Miniature server rack for raspberry pi's

SpaceX logo stencil

Audio gear enclosures which allow modular attachment of the raspberry pi to the preamp & other sources.

Equatorial mount

EOS RF mount for microscope.

Enclosures for the camera remote controls.

Decent headset microphone which costs less than

Easily removable CPU fan.

Robotic dog

Starship cutaway dollhouse

Pop socket.  These have faded from popularity, but lions wanted to use them as handles for other gadgets.  The trick is getting them to stay closed or stay open.