• Some views of the before and after work

    Dr. Cockroach06/15/2021 at 13:04 2 comments

    Just some images of how the chassis wiring looked before and after the caps were replaced as well as the rectifier diode and added resistor.

    Before with the waxy caps.... and then after with the metal films and electro caps in place. Bypassed the selenium rectifier and added a hefty diode and added 90 Ohm resistor.

    Trust me, it now sounds much better than it did before :-)

  • The Parts Boss, The Parts

    Dr. Cockroach06/12/2021 at 10:29 0 comments

    Yay, the parts for this project arrived yesterday from AES. Now I can start burning my fingers on my somewhat trusty cheap soldering iron. I will add the parts to the component list later but for now here is the packing slip. The #45 lamps were a box of ten so now I have extras as I only needed two.

  • At least it is not dead

    Dr. Cockroach06/11/2021 at 17:36 0 comments

    Just a short clip to show that this radio does play prior to restoration. Lets hope it sounds even better after.

  • Exposing the innards

    Dr. Cockroach06/04/2021 at 23:34 2 comments

    Well now, lets see what we have here. Generally a clean chassis with no signs of rust. Some dust and a couple of cob webs but looks good. Some tubes have been changed over the years as three Zenith tubes were replaced with Sylvania types. The Selenium rectifier is going to have to be replaced with a modern and safer diode and the pictures show all the waxy paper caps to be replaced on the under side.