Looking for a little help here. Oh, and bragging about my own cleverness a bit... 

I’ve always wanted a functioning TMP-style Wrist Communicator, so since no one else was making them, I decided to take a swing at it.

Anyway, here are photos of what I’ve got. What I need is a little speaker about 3/4 of an inch wide. That’s probably going to need a stereo to mono conversion circuit and an amplifier, but I already know some parts that I can use for that -  I used them in my PiCorder build. Don’t know if they’ll fit, But one thing at a time. And of course don’t let the fact that I’ve got ideas for that stop you from making your own suggestions, which might actually be better than mine.

I also need some way to get the micro USB connector extended to the right, left, or bottom.

The shell is a 3-D print I bought on eBay, a B- quality “hero” prop that cost less than the higher quality one, because I’m using this one to figure out how to set this up; didn’t want to experiment on the higher quality, more expensive one. 

He actually sent me two of them, which I hadn’t realized he would do and possibly hadn’t realized was what I had bought, which is fortunate, because I managed to screw up one of them at first. But then, that’s why I bought the lower quality ones in the first place.

One of the photos above gives the basic idea for what will control what and where this and that button will go. Assuming I don’t blow it with soldering tiny little wires to the tiny little board.

You can’t see it too well, but the audio jack is that little black vertical rectangle at the upper left, play/pause/phone button is right there in the middle of the board, volume controls, power and microphone are on the right side.

Theres a picture with the device active. Also before I forget, I’m also hoping to find a display cover the same shade as the one in the picture, but a little wider, about 3.3 cm give or take. Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions on that one or anything else about this, now is as good a time as any to mention them.

Another picture shows all the stuff I have to work with, a rough idea of where things are and where they will go - probably going to keep volume control and power switch on the side where they are, just find something to put on top of them to actually press and slide.

I’d like to cut out the four little lights on the upper right side, feed fiber optics to them and hope to catch a bit of the blue light from the display, but that plan doesn’t really sound all that workable to me. Trying to keep the KISS (keep it simple stupid) theory in mind.

I’d still like those things to light up, though.

The next picture shows it with the little receiver test fitted. It’s not a perfect fit, but I haven’t fully carved out the inside part yet.

As you can see, the middle play/pause/switch to phone button is just a bit below the two “buttons.” I’d like to set it up so that those could actually be used, but not sure how. Might be able to carve out that little rectangle above the four “lights,” set up a simple button below it and wire them up, but that of course leaves us with the problem of wires that will be hard to manipulate, hard to solder and will probably break off.

Obviously, it’ll be a bit farther in once I cut out that interior piece. Also, no reason I can’t cut out a bit of the wristband piece, but I’d rather have that part be fairly sturdy. I wonder if there’s an actual wristband out there roughly the same size but stronger.

And there it is in the last pic from the back. Volume controls are the two buttons you see on the left upper part; power switch below the volume controls; microphone is that little brass colored thing below the power switch, all on the left. There’s the micro USB plug at the bottom.

On the paper next to it is a rough indication...

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