NExT Transparent screen

a new fantastic screen that can be used in many industry

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Our project is to create a holographic display window using commercially available film, adding a pico projector and haptics to allow for controlling large window. This is inspired from Tom Cruise’s movie “Minority Report” As industrial design students we love how this can be used for displaying our ideas and projecting in 3D. To achieve 3D we plan to use OpenCV’s modules for haptics tracking using 2 cameras on each side of the screen.

Using a special film, we have found from a startup NanoAR,  we will add our own Pico projectors and 4 cameras (2 each side for haptics tracking).   We will need to develop the drivers to connect our sensor and cameras to the system (a Raspberry Pi 4).   We will implement standard haptics for controlling windows and 3d models.   The concept here is for teaching aid for broadcasting instructors, students working together and still be socially separated.  allowing for team collaboration without touching the same surface. 

  • 1 × 3M x 4M NanoAR Film
  • 1 × 4 USB Cameras
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4 and power supply
  • 1 × Pico Projector we are still finalizing a affordable but still has the resolution needed

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