New transducers

A project log for Personal air conditioning with MEMS

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lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/23/2022 at 01:080 Comments

Knowing the transducers are consumables, a bag of new transducers arrived.  Despite runaway inflation, these are actually still trending towards $1.

Knowing they have to be matched to the driver board, it's easier to get them as part of a nano mister.  Then, take out the batteries before they puff.  Those batteries are useful in remote controls since lions have no use for a nano mister.

Based on the shrinking component count, they'r going to have to change to a smaller board.

The next need is to turn off the transducers when the pump times out.  Then, there will hopefully be something which can scent the room unattended.  

A new batch of $1.25 perfumes arrived.  #33 gets a thumbs up from lions.

#20 smells like a dentist so no.

The water level sensor in the newest enclosure had the opposite problem as the previous one.  It constantly failed off, causing the water to overflow.  Stepped down the voltage thresholds to try to overcome what seemed to be a change caused by the new enclosure.