• Basic block modifcations

    Dante2 days ago 2 comments

    Good day everyone,

    I've managed to make some basic block modifications.

    The Serial print block has been locally modified to include the text "OWIEOWIEOWIEOWIE" in Blockly and now attaches a comment "// bazinga" when translated to C code.

    The noTone block now has a custom hex color of f92f2f (a specific hex color I think is my favorite).

    Finally, there is now a "sandwich" block in a new "Foods" category that accepts one parameter and completely ignores it. It declares the const int SANDWICH in the C code.

    Reshaping a block is not feasible without reversing the Blockly compression toolchain (i.e. working from an uncompressed copy of Blockly and recompressing it with changes to block rendering), which is something I haven't yet found time for.

  • Attempts at changing the shape

    richard2 days ago 1 comment


    Hello! I'm not sure how far we got on the assignment for changing the shape on Tuesday, as I was in the next room most of the time, so please help me out if you made some progress, but it seems like, the "bread and butter" for changing the shape is in blockly_compressed.js. After "pretty-print"ifying it using an online editor, I spent hours trying to make some progress to very little avail. Hope everyone is making better progress!

    As you can see... all I could change was the padding lol, definitely not any true shape manipulation. 

  • Work in Progress

    richard5 days ago 2 comments


    Hello! After looking at a whole bunch of js files and feeling lost and discouraged, I realized that blockly(blocklyduino) already existed, lol. My negligence, yikes. So I decided to try and meticulously go over code.js and see how it all connects together. Still definitely working on it, but at this point, my brain is fried. Here's how I'm thinking so far. I realized through this exercise that I'm exactly like what Mr. Ed made a brief comment on last week. "Find a thread and pull". Once I find threads, I try and pull to find the root. It's very interesting to see how that's how my mind works(at the very least for this exercise). Still a long way to go, and I'm sure I'm making mistakes! Thank you all and have a good start to your week :)

  • 07/17/21 Work - Shawn

    Sion Hwang6 days ago 3 comments

    It is a little late, but here is my log for today! Like Dante, I started creating a rudimentary flow chart for the interactive website for the Barnabas Block Bot. 

    Also, I am on the newer side of working with JS, so I studied the language a little today and searched up concepts I did not know previously.

    Tomorrow, I will be looking more in depth into the code in order to understand more deeply how all of the functions work together!

  • Code.js

    richard07/17/2021 at 20:04 1 comment


    Hi all! As I'm still very new to the html/css/js game (all I have is a very simple website under my belt, lol). I'm taking the time to meticulously go over the code.js which seems to be the bread and butter for this assignment. Hopefully, I'll have a full understanding by the end of the weekend, if not, Monday! Excited!

  • Basic map of Barnabas Blocks functions

    Dante07/17/2021 at 01:28 2 comments

    Good day everyone,

    I've made a basic mapping of the functions of the functions of this web app. What I have is not very complete or standardized, but I have at least something.

  • Checked Compatibility with Mac OS and Visual Studio Code

    richard07/16/2021 at 00:14 0 comments


    Today, I downloaded all required/necessary files to build from index.html in my IDE. Additionally, I checked to make sure everything was up and running well. Everything seems to be in good working order for my mac.

    Tomorrow and in the subsequent days, but definitely before the weekend ends, I anticipate to have a working flowchart/diagram in UML fashion.

  • Great first day at Barnabas HQ!

    Edward Li07/15/2021 at 21:36 1 comment