WhyItTookSoLong-TimeTracker is a tool I created to manage the time spent on many projects. In my workflow, I have to switch context between a couple of projects often. Since working fully remote I started to lose control over the time spent on work, on side projects, on my hobby projects, on gaming and so. I tried some mobile apps, some apps on a computer and it didn't work for me. I felt like I need a dedicated tool to manage this, something which will be available all the time and always ready to allow me to switch to the current context. That is why I decided to build a time tracker.

This was my project requirements:

  • always-on display,
  • easy way to set current task between a number of defined tasks,
  • data stored in an accessible way (.csv).

I decided to use E-paper display because it is the most eye-friendly way to display slow-changing status. I chose a flexible one because I already had one. It can be changed to any E-paper display compatible with the ZinggJM/GxEPD2 library.