Discrete Component Switching. flip flop etc.

Diode/transistor switching circuits

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This is a switching method I developed in the 90's for switching audio video radio and other equipment. Today I do use micro controllers but on high end tube gear I like to run all discrete component circuitry. All have been tested and run by me at one time or another .
The 3 way 4 mode I used in a guitar overdrive pedal and as switching for model rockets and fireworks. This switch has 3 buttons only allows one selection at a time and to bypass/turn off press the active mode button and all go off.
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dearuserhron wrote 08/06/2021 at 20:54 point

I can remember input selector on my old soviet amplifier. It has has so noisy switching. I was afraid touching it. One day I tried to repair it and dig a schematics. Audiotechnica U-101-Stereo

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