Mr Gimmick NES Reproduction

Just like the title says, this is an older project I did but may be of interest to those who want to play this particular game on a real NES

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I wish I could just embed this video :)

Today I felt like playing a game that was never released "Mr Gimmick!". Who wants to wait for another person to make a reproduction and ship it.... when you can just do it yourself! :D Also If you want to see me play it for the first time badly, skip to 10 minutes in.

I did speed up the boring parts, but left them in so that you could see what creating a reproduction cartridge actually entails. This was the first time I have tried making a reproduction cartridge and the total real world time was about an hour :D

For the CHR eprom I used a 27c1001 128k
For the PRG eprom I used a 27c020 256k
The game sacrificed was Batman Return of the Joker by sunsoft as it is the only released North American game that used the FME-7

To split up the PRG and CHR files from the original NTSC version of the rom I used a program called TNINES under dosbox.

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impetus_maximus wrote 03/04/2021 at 16:03 point

would like to check this video out, but it's set to 'private'.

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