You can see there is a list in the PCB, that points to some blocks. Each blocks give you one/ multipal features. So if you want a feature that you want, just solder all the parts in that block. Here is the list of the blocks

Blocks Name Feature Priority
S-1 Main Power Switch Ability to turn on/ off the device Must
S-2 Continuous Charging It prevents device the reboot when you disconnect the charger Optional
S-3 Boost & Charge It boost the battery voltage to 5v Must
S-4 Esp32-s2 + Reset Controls everything in the device Must
S-5 Vibration Give vibration feedback Optional
S-6 Real Time Clock Keeps the time when device is powered off Optional
S-7 MP6050/BME280 Can use Gyro or see Pressure, Temp and Humidity Optional
S-8 Expansion Power Switch Can turn off display, expansion and the modules in S-7 block Optional
S-9 IR Transmitter Using IR mutantC can act as a TV, AC remote Optional

Here I Made 2 version that I think fits either of you if you are a Pro or a Newbie. See this comparison table to select which one you want to build. I will highly recommend building the Lite one as it requires less parts and time to build and you will miss a little of the features. And later on you can add you can also do your own custom build by selecting the features you want on top the Lite version.

Features Lite Regular
Parts List Parts_list Parts_list
56 key keyboard Yes Yes
Battery Life 8 hours 8 hours
Notification LED No Yes
Real Time Clock No Yes
Battery Monitor No Yes
LDR, Vibration, Buzzer No Yes
IR Transmitter No Yes
Gyro/ Pressure, Temp and Humidity No Yes
Poweroff modules, Display, Add-ons No Yes
Nurolink/ Docking port No Yes
Continuous Charging No Yes