Project video presentation:

CPU Cores, supported development boards:

  • Samd21E18
  • ESP32 DevkitC
  • All STM32 Nucleo mini boards
  • Atmega328 in Arduino nano


  • 2x stepper motor 28BYJ-48
  • 2x buttons
  • 3x servo
  • 2x Touch buttons
  • 4x I2C
  • 1x UART

Sensors / displays:

  • 2x opticall sensor
  • GPS
  • Ground color sensor
  • Laser TOL distance meter
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure
  • Oled or 1602 LCD display
  • Battery charging
  • Speaker


  • Adafruit Circuitpython
  • Microsoft Makecode
  • Arduino IDE


Constructed from 3pcs of PCB board detachable from chassis shield.

I am very proud on as I solve wheel locking on stepper motor.

I found 1.6mm screew and I fit in middle board.

Also middle board wheel is smaller to make rim for simple tire.

SWOT analysis


  • no competition
  • simple as possible
  • cheap
  • universal design
  • high movement precision thanks to stepper motor
  • circuitpython
  • micropython
  • arduino core


  • my programing knowledge is basic


  • programming learning toy
  • simple, ideal as kit


  • please write in comments, I am blinded by my enthusiasm

Version without wheels (If you have full desk old wheels from bad prototypes :D )

Incoming prototype for ESP32 with camera

Universal version, you can see touch buttons

Closer look on stepper motor mount and LASER distance sensor

LEGO compatible holes