Wac0m RipOff BLE edition

The same Wac0m RipOff pen tablet, but wireless

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After finished my Wac0m RipOff. I want to take it to the next level. By making it "Wireless". With the help of nRF51822 Bluetooth MCU and Arduino Core by sandeepmistry on GitHub. I can write my own Digitizer BLE HID library based on his original mouse library. I'm using the nRF51822 04 module. with some soldering hacky, pull up resistor can sit on the board nicely.

From previous project "Wac0m Ripoff" that based on STM32 and Teensy ++ 2.0 (with Arduino) I actually going further more by making that project wireless. First time I came up with this idea I'm so confused which microcontroller is really suitable for this project. I start researching for the HC05 and it turns out that you can flash the firmware of RN42 to get the HID capability over Bluetooth. but Its HID descriptor is built into the firmware which is almost impossible to edit the Descriptor without moving next byte to next address (real pain, text file contain address and byte). 

I gave up and move to net thing STM32WB, again I gave up since Bluetooth stack is too advance and I want a "quick" solution. I rejected to use the ESP32 because of how it capable and what I actually use is like a fraction of that. It's not worth to buy it to use in such a simple(?) project.

and my last choice that I picked is the Nordic nRF51822. I coincidentally found this on YouTube channel Hugatry's HackVlog. He use the nRF51822 04 module (A.K.K WT51822-S4AT) with Arduino core. I followed his instruction short after I received the package from seller I bought. I ported the HID code to work as Digitizer (HID description is still the same, but rearrange the usage report to match the packet read from w9013 (no further switch case processing). The digitizer is working just fine except sometime the refresh rate drops significantly, fixed by adding 1 millisecond delay to un-saturate TX rate. 

I confirmed that this work with Windows 10 (my target). Linux and other OSes are untested. but with the same technology standard, I have a high hope that It will works on Linux and other OSes too.

  • 1 × Wacom I2C digitizer (w9013) You can get it from Lenovo YOGA Book keyboard replacement part.
  • 2 × 2kOhm resistor (mine use x2 1K 0603 as I don't have 2k) use this for I2C bus pull up.
  • 1 × WT51822-S4AT module or any other nRF51822 module, I keep it small.
  • 1 × Li-ion battery 3.7v 220mAh can be larger, no limit here.
  • 1 × Li-ion charger board (both charge and use at the same time) any will be fine, depend on your battery capacity and type.

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  • Known issues

    TinLethax09/03/2021 at 17:20 0 comments

    For some reason, these bugs happen and I have no idea why or how to fix it.

    1. Sometime after left it power off. Power back on and connect to Windows 10 PC, the Cursor update rate drops significantly. Like you play Minecraft on 10 years ago PC. (Still investigating).

    2. Disconnect and reconnect, Windows (10) will report driver error "Internal error" high chance that w9013_irq is blocking BLE handler thingies.

  • Almost complete.

    TinLethax09/02/2021 at 17:06 0 comments

    I finally made it YAY. the Wac0m RipOff BLE edition is (almost) done! I'm currently working on video and it will be here soon !.

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