30€/$ raspi zero notebook

pi zero wirh an analog 4,3 inch screen, 650 mah battery, and a cheap bluetooth keyboard.

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on the back of the screen i mounted the pi zero with a usb hub connected to bluetooth and wifi and a step up converter for the lipo batterie. its a wonder how tight the screen fits vertically in the case. the bluetooth keyboard doesnt fit as tight but is the most suitable option in size so far.
i didnt realy test if the keyboard only is a good way to control a distro like debian etc. cause of missing touchscreen. but theres a ton of space in the case under the keyboard for batteries etc. so it would do a great performer.
i didnt have much use for this device so it donored its components for v 2.1

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ActualDragon wrote 01/16/2017 at 03:28 point

i'd like to do this with a 3, where did you get the keyboard?

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