The Swallow Programming Language

Swallow is an easy to use systems programming language with python-like syntax. Repo -

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Swallow is a compiled programming language currently under development.

Why am I creating this language?

I am creating it as a fast alternative to python and as an easy alternative to c


- Ease to use
- Fast
- Highly modular
- Occupies less memory
- Compiled

How does it work?

You can consider it to be a superset of c which compiles to clean c. So valid c code is also valid swallow code(the language is named swallow). It will have no garbage collector because it is a system programming language but it will be very easy to use so there will be less chance of memory leak

Repo -

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stevenaughtonnsx11 wrote 03/25/2024 at 18:07 point

If you created a new programming language, then I will be shocked. I don’t understand at all how it can be created, how much work it takes. I recently wondered how to write software requirement specification for your project, I used for this. My brain was literally exploding. Your IQ is probably just off the charts, I can’t explain it any other way. In any case, a like from me!

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