Quantity   Component name
1 × Car reversing kit A car reversing kit consisting of 4 ultrasonic transducers, a control box and a display.
1 × Arduino Pro Mini Used to drive the transducers and time the pulses
1 × Transducer mount A disc of plywood around 210 mm diameter with 4 holes at 150 mm diameter for the transducers and a 10 mm hole in centre for the spine
1 × Spine 10 mm dia rod x 300mm.. Wood dowel, Carbon or stainless steel. The spine goes through the centre of the unit and keesp the echo plate at a set distance from the base
1 × Echo plate The echo plate is what the signals bounce from. Just a ply disc around 50mm diameter with a 10mm hole in centre for spine
1 × 33k resistor through hole type for voltage divider
1 × 22K resistor through hole type for voltage divider
1 × 0.1uF capacitor through hole type for voltage divider
1 × hook up wire coated copper wire or other fine hookup wire to connect Arduino to cra reversing kit pcb
1 × Single sided proto board about 40mm x 75mm For attaching to the car reversing kit pcb
1 × Double sided tape to add the extension board to the car revesing kit pcb