Emergency Exit Coffee Table

46 cm in height, but 6.2 m deep

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This is a "emergency exit coffee table", based on the infinity mirror concept and its build out of scrap materials.

The table is 46 cm in height, but you can see about 6.2 meters into it, when the light is turned on. If the light is turned off the table looks like a mirror on the top.

I reused parts of two broken ikea tables and parts of deconstructed LED-Strips. I also planned to use one old mirror for this, but it broke in the process of cutting it. I love to reuse and collect old materials, so i had everything already for this project - except the glas plates.

Due to a quite compact apartment, i never had a table. People complained it, so i changed that with this project.

I am glad how this turned out. Its practical, almost complete out of recycled materials and everybody is stunned how good the infinity mirror effect turned out. Also i have a a bit less trash i have to transport to the junkyard and a table!

Old ikea tables where cut in half for becoming the side walls and got screwed together. The glas plates on top and bottom are 1 cm in height and were produced for those exact randomly occurring dimensions (80 x 44.5 cm). Some old LED sealing lamp was fitted to the one ladder segment.

The idea came from following YT-Video. See how to build it clean and neat here:

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    Preparing old wood plates / pressboard

    At first i cut out two old plates from broken "LACK" table from IKEA, so they fit in height together and screw them together. Cut out one segment of a wooden ladder in the height of the plates.

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    Glas plates

    Find a an old mirror and mark the overlapping areas.

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    Try to cut way to thick glas for the first time

    After ordering a glass cutting tool, cut the glas and don't break it. I messed it up, because the glas of my old mirror was very strong, but i tried anyways. The first glas parts came off well, but the i cracked it at the wrong place. At this point i was ordering two precut / perfectly fitted glas plates.

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jazzjackrabbit wrote 10/14/2021 at 07:16 point

Nice. I like yours even more than your inspiration.

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j wrote 10/14/2021 at 07:20 point

Thank you!I still need to close a few gaps. Also i prepared some more leds, so a red light scrolls down all the way but i don't know how it will turn out. stay tuned! (:

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