• Step 1

    barnyianni10/03/2021 at 22:30 0 comments

    * return to this to write it properly!

    Current status is a Pure Data patch that triggers VCVRack and Reaper via midi.

    What I think I know: I reckon I can get it running on a Pi headless, I've done a little with these. The digital outputs are 3v which is fine for Eurorack triggers. I'll need a little case for it as I don't have any Eurorack myself (I'll return to this glaring issue later).

    Next milestone is Raspberry Pi or similar in a Eurorack hardware case that can trigger the same.

    But when I type this, I realise that the unit will therefore need a midi output, which sort of defeats the point of putting in a hardware case.

    I will return to this too.

    This is only the first log. Over the next couple of days I'll link my actual research into it