Blippy bloopy LEDs and a variety of input devices.  The Ultratroninator 3000 utilizes three rows of sci-fi related mislabeled input devices.  From the "Warp Core" with it's Wash/Rinse/Spin/Dry selector function to the Math Blaster navigational joystick, it's intended to be a fun project to hack up games, demos, and other novelties.  Toggle switches, arcade buttons, rotary encoders, and two Fender Telecaster pickup selector switches are among the input devices.

A Raspberry Pi Zero is under the hood with multiple Holtek HT16K33 for LED display and key scanning.  Software being developed for games and other apps.

A couple demo videos...

"Auto Calc": blinky lights as 8-bit integers shown on both the displays and the same value on corresponding LEDs.  Manipulate the registers via the control panel.

"Hex Invaders": Space Invaders requiring quick reflexes and knowledge of hexadecimal values (wtf?!)

Roland TR-909-ish sequence emulator using sample playback:

An attempt at Tempest: