Jump Scare Tombstone

This creepy old tombstone will reveal its evil soul when you approach too close!

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A 3D printed tombstone with a Adafruit Hallowing M4, distance sensor and speaker inside. When someone gets within range the screen lights up and a skull laughs loudly. Optionally the light sensor on the Hallowing can be enabled and the tombstone hidden in a dark place and trigger when it is lit up.

The jump scare tombstone builds on a previous project I created, making a laughing skull trigger when light shines on it. This improvement creates a 3d printed tombstone to hold the electronics and adds the option to trigger based on light or now distance, doubling your options on how you place or hide the tombstone to scare your friends.

When used in the new distance trigger mode, simply set the tombstone up in a location where people will approach it. When a person gets within the configured range (up to about 2 meters) it will light up, laughing away with evil intent.

When used in the light trigger mode place the tombstone in a dark location, such as a cupboard or drawer. When the unsuspecting person opens the container it is in the tombstone will light up and cackle away evilly.

Scare all your friends this Halloween or at any time!

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    Print the Tombstone

    This is the arts and crafts part of the project. There are three parts to the finished tombstone: the base, the detailed front plate and the back plate. All parts print flat on their back with any standard print settings. No support is needed.

    The front plate needs to be glued on the base. Crazy glue or epoxy will work. The back plate is snap fit meant to be able to come on and off to turn the project on and off and access the battery.

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    Paint the Tombstone (Optional)

    While it is entirely optional painting the tombstone adds that extra level of fun and scariness! Do not let me limit what you do with yours, but I primed all the pieces grey and then painted them all with a medium grey acrylic. The letters and bones were then painted white and green was added around various areas to simulate vegetation / moss.

    Finally I did a black wash to give it the aged look. For those who have never attempted a wash before, get some black paint on your brush, dilute it pretty heavily with water and coat the model. Then wait, I usually waited about 30-60 seconds. Then wipe the paint off gently with a paper towel or similar.  You need to be gentle as you want some black paint to remain.

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    Install CircuitPython and the Tombstone code

    Before all the electronics are inside it is easiest to do the setup. The project runs on CircuitPython (was written for 6.3 but should work on anything newer too) so the first step is to ensure the Hallowing has CircuitPython installed. If it does not see the Hallowing guide to get it installed. You will also need the adafruit_imageload, adafruit_led_animation, adafruit_uc100 and neopixel libraries.

    The python code to run the tombstone can be found here on GitHub in the file. You will have to rename this file to on the Hallowing.

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