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    These video controller boards provide a low-cost means of displaying video on STEbus systems. Two versions are available: the SVA which provides a 48-character × 16-line display, or the SVB which offers 80-character × 20-lines.

    SVA comes with 128 ASCII characters and 128 graphics symbols suitable for industrial displays; these include lines, pipes, junctions, bar graph or histogram characters and even a man with a spanner.

    SVB is designed for information processing applications and offers an inverse video character set in addition to standard ASCII. Characters are stored in EPROM. allowing you to define your own 256-character set on an 8 × 16 matrix. The board’s fast 2910 bit-slice controller provides a completely flicker-free display; 2k of screen memory is included.

    Both video output and composite video and sync outputs are provided. We can also supply 5-inch monitors (which fit into a 3U rack, including a version with a touchscreen interface.


    The board implements a write-only slave interface to the bus. It can be memory-mapped into any 4k segment of the bus memory space.

    Power Consumption:

    typically 0.7A at 5V


    • 48 characters × 16 lines with graphics
    • 80 characters × 20 lines with inverse video
    • 256 user-programmable 8 × 16 matrix characters
    • Completely flicker-free image display