Data Disk Analog Control System

Using 555 timers and comparators, I set out to make a "data disk" based control system

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This project is pure electronics and just for fun, no programming is involved except the Pi Pico running a servo. The servo control will be replaced with another 555 in the near future. This is a stepping stone project to a completely analog robot.

This is a control system that uses IR sensors to read black marks made on a rotating paper disk. The disk is currently rotated by a continuous rotation servo controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico. The IR sensors feed a signal to comparators and then a 555 timer is turned on/off. This 555 timer creates a pulse that is feed into a stepper driver. The speed is controllable by a 100k potentiometer. Another signal is also read by a IR sensor and a comparator sends on that buffered pulse to the direction pin of the stepper. In this way two IR sensors can control both on/off and direction of a single NEMA 17 stepper motor. 

I would like to in the near future build out a two motor version, so in this way I can have them as the main drive of a smaller 2 wheel robot. 

  • 1 × NE555P Clock and Timer ICs / Timer ICs
  • 2 × Signal diodes
  • 1 × op482 Quad OP amp
  • 1 × 100uf - 200uf Cap
  • 1 × DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heat Sink

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