Basic EV Data Integration

How easy is it to use the manufacturer API for my EV?

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I really like my EV. My vehicle of choice is a BMWi3 from 2017 with about 250km of range. Plenty of range for my needs but I tend to forget to charge it. So the obvious solution is to show the SoC in my smart home ( As I looked for an easy solution I found a node-red node that connects to the car manufacturer's API.

The Data is pulled from the API via a node-red node gets "filtered" and passed on to Grafana and MQTT. 

So it is possible to view historic data in Grafana:

But the most useful Information is the SoC which is displayed on some pages of my smart home visu.:

On the smart home system ( some additional data gets calculated. The most useful of this data are estimated charging times depending on the charging power and custom range estimates. 

But of course, this solution comes with some downsides. I am completely dependent on the CAR manufacturer API. When the API is changed (which happens every 3 to 6 months) I need to tweak the data collection and build some workarounds. 

This is why i am thinking about a direkt way to collect the data. The solution i am imagining is a direct OBDII to MQTT Gateway.  

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Javier wrote 12/22/2021 at 08:58 point

This is a really cool project, sadly you will have to constantly play tag with the API updates.
Because i doubt "code coherence" or "backwards compatibility" are priorities for them.

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