ONE Nixie Clock - Based on Arduino IoT Cloud

Can be controlled via Arduino IoT Cloud or Amazon Alexa. Interchangeable nixie tube sockets support dozens of different nixie tubes.

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The ONE is a single digit Nixie Clock.
With 26 interchangeable nixie tube sockets, this unique device allows you to connect most existing nixie tubes. The clock is based on the Arduino Nano, you can connect it to the Arduino IoT Cloud, you can control the clock from the smartphone app and even voice control via the Alexa assistant. All features are optional and fully customizable.

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The clock displays the time digit by digit – first the hours then the minutes – then the whole cycle is repeated. Using fade in/out effect and different tube backlight colors for hours and different for minutes, time reading is clear and simple.

As shown in the diagram, the clock consists of several interconnected modules. Inside the main module (shield) is a RTC module for accurate timekeeping, a nixie tube power supply module, and an Arduino Nano / Every / 33 IoT board. A nixie socket is connected to the main module, a dedicated nixie tube is connected to the socket. The clock is compatible with 26 nixie sockets that support over a hundred different tubes.


  • You do not need to change the program code if you are changing nixie tubes or tube sockets, even if they are multi-segment tubes such as B7971, B8971. The clock has a auto-detection feature and selects the appropriate sub-programs to control detected tubes by itself
  • The heart of the clock is Arduino Nano / Every / 33 IoT
  • 26 interchangeable nixie tube sockets available
  • Option to connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud
  • Control option from a smartphone app (iOS and Android) or a web browser
  • Several dedicated tutorials available on how to learn and use Arduino IoT Cloud with ONE Nixie Clock
  • 27 Arduino example program codes – ready to upload
  • Voice control option via Alexa assistant
  • Time synchronization option via WiFi
  • Easy to assemble – detailed assembly instructions
  • All SMD (surface-mount) components are alredy soldered, only THT “thru-hole” components required soldering
  • Support provided during assembly and start-up of the clock
  • Clock has rgb led backlight
  • Accurate real-time clock for timekeeping
  • External power supply required: 12V; 1A DC; plug diameter 2.5 x 5.5 mm; center pin positive


There are 26 interchangeable nixie tube sockets compatible with the ONE Nixie Clock. All sockets have the same pin layout, allowing you to easily swap sockets dedicated to different nixie tubes without making any software or hardware changes. The sockets provide the correct power supply parameters for compatible nixie tubes (supply voltage and current).


The device allows for several configuration options. Depending on the nixie tubes you use and which Arduino Nano / Every / 33 IoT, you have the possibility to use different functionalities that ONE Nixie Clock offers:

  • Classic Nixie Clock
  • NTP Nixie Clock with time synchronization via WiFi
  • IoT Nixie Clock with control via Arduino IoT Cloud from smartphone app or web browser
  • IoT Nixie Clock with additional voice control option via Alexa assistant (Alexa smartphone app or Alexa device e.g. Echo Dot)
  • Nixie Tube Tester



  • Download example program code
  • Connect One Nixie Clock with your computer via USB cable
  • Connect 12V power supply and turn on the clock
  • Compile and send code to the clock
  • Remove USB cable when you are ready
  • Reset Arduino board if necessary
  • Done 


Some time ago Arduino created the IoT Cloud and an entire ecosystem that is worth exploring. I believe it is a great tool for learning IoT. There are several options for different levels of advancement of your projects but a basic free account is enough for the ONE Nixie Clock. 

I have prepared a series of tutorials on how to connect the clock to the Arduino Cloud, how to control the clock...

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A Burroughs B-7971... Loveliness! Interesting project, I like it.

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