I started doing projects with Fusion 360 sheet metal and I found a place that will laser cut the parts and bend them for a reasonable price.

The mount is made in 2 parts from .063" 5052 Aluminum. The "Front" has rack mounting holes and the 5mm holes for the PiDP, a cut out for an 80mm fan powered by a USB port, an access hole to get to the Raspberry Pi and a hole for the Keystone module riser. 

The second part is the Keystone riser that has space for 6 Keystone modules. I have mine set up with 1 - RJ45 Ethernet coupler, 1 - USB-C coupler for power, 1 - HDMI coupler for video, 3 - USB-A extenders. You can choose the modules you like.

The parts are symmetric about the horizontal axis so there is no up or down. They can be used in either hemisphere without modification.
- Bill