• New Motor For Testing At Higher Power Levels

    PX Protoypes01/18/2022 at 10:23 0 comments

    This is a 'HSG' (hybrid starter generator) fitted to Kia Niro and Hyundai Ionic hybrid vehicles.

    The motor has the following features that were desirable for this project:

    • Compact size with good mounting lugs.
    • Fitted with a ribbed belt pully, can be easily coupled to a load.
    • Water cooled.
    • Has an internal resolver and temperature sensor.
    • Cheap via eBay.

    From early experiments the motor has the following specs:

    • Three pole rotor
    • Three pole resolver
    • Internal thermistor probably 100k NTC
    • Kv of about 25

    The power connector has been removed and fitted with a 3 core 6mm2 SY cable which fits quite nicely. There is just enough room for a 25mm lock nut on the back of the stuffing gland.

    An encoder was temporarily fitted to get the motor spinning. Once PCBs are received to read the resolver the encoder can be removed.

    I found a spec for this motor in some Hyundai documentation stating a power of 8kW. I am sure the power could be increased significantly.

    Next steps are to build this into a dyno to load the motor and experiment with high power running through the controller.