Hello everyone! In this article, we will mention the IMD Latching circuit that is used for the Formula Student race which is a prestigious event for college students who are interested in motor races from all over the World.


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About IMD Latching;

As a formula student racing team, it is necessary that use an additional circuit to reset our IMD which is used for detection isolation, manually.


This circuit’s main component it its relay. This relay is a double throw-double pole type relay. With the help of this relay, we can both activate our shutdown circuit which is used to cut off the power in the vehicle without jeopardizing the vehicle and its pilot. This is triggered by IMD’s fault signal.

IMD Latching can light a LED when it is triggered.  

Also, we can get rid of IMD’s fault signal by resetting this circuit manually. In order to stop implausibility on the circuit, we used pull-down resistors.


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