This project is about building a manual portable step on shower that has high water drop pressure without using any device. This is done by using the weight of the person taking the bath as source of pressure generator for the water being used for the bath. There are four parts in this mechanism; the tank which contain the water, the circular plate on top of the water tank where the person taking the bath steps on, the pipelines and the valve. The operating mechanism of this device is simple. First water is filled on the water tank all the way up to the valve level. Before use the valve should be closed. Once water is filled and valve is closed, the person taking the bath will step on the circular plate which seals the top of the water tank. Since the valve is closed and water is incompressible, no movement of water and no change of level of the stepping on plate will occur. After the user steps on the plate, as soon as the valve is opened, water will start to flow from the water tank to the shower head with high pressure which will be used to take a bath. The used water is immediately discharged via the hole on the circular plate before dirty water is accumulated on the foot of the user to outside without being mixed with the water in the water tank through the separated partition. When the user closes the valve the water stops flowing and the height level of the step on plate remains on one spot.