• W.I.P.

    Druyve01/20/2022 at 08:32 0 comments

    So I designed the schematic, build it on a breadboard and after all works as expected - send it to fabrication.

    One week later the PCB's arrived !

    Let's assemble the first.

    Step 1 - solder Resistors and Condensators

    Step 2 - solder pin-headers for the PCM5102A-module

    Step 3 - put the PCM5102A-module on the pin-headers  and the pin-sockets for the ESP32-Devkit

    Step 4 - solder the antenna-cable and put the ESP32-Devkit on 

    Now flash it - via PlatformIO - connect the antenna cable to your receiver, pair it with your smartphone (via BlueTooth), play some music and tune your receiver to the frequency - Voila' 

  • The idea & inspiration

    Druyve01/16/2022 at 12:09 0 comments

    I own some years an AMC Pacer X .... A great car (you know "Waynes World" ?) , but in my car there's is only a AM-radio.

    Here in Old-Europe, esp. in Germany, aren't any broadcasting stations.... But to replace the radio with a new (modern) one ? Nope.

    There's a device called "RediRad" you can buy, but ....

    So there was the idea: Feeding the music through BlueTooth and then transmit it as AM. 

    No modification on the good old radio - only plug a cable in to the antenna connector, pair the device with your smartphone, tune the frequency and listen to the music !!

    Inspired from two projects:

    1st. bitlunis AM-Transmitter

    2ndB.Kainkas AM-Transmitter 

    The 1st one outputs (prepared) sound via ESP32's DAC ... But this is only 8-Bit ... Huuuhhh 

    The 2nd is more promising: it uses a port-pin as open-drain and voila - you have a modulation.

    So I'll do the 2nd ...