SecSavr Skyrise [gd0092]

The 800mm smooth rods were on sale...

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This was originally a project (SecSavr Simplex) to see if I could have a 3D printed frame 3D printer, and design and build it in one summer. Well I discovered that there are a few printers with printed cases, and halfway through the summer, I rushed to start the SpecSpotlights [gd0024]. Thus the project was archived until one Aliexpress 11.11 sale where I got 800mm rods for cheap, and new motivation to continue the project with it.

I finished designing in 2020, but my CR10 was and still is still in the middle of an update that never finished. Thus, I was waiting on the completion of the SecSavr [gd0036] to continue. Now the SecSavr Suspense [gd0105] has stolen the show and made both [gd0036] and this printer redundant.

As of Sep 2022, it's my largest Fusion 360 file.

This printer has a 700mm Z height, and I don't remember the XY but it should be around 200mm. It's a CoreXY and uses dual 6028 blower fans for printing thick layers in PLA and 2 5kg weights in the base. It's designed to fit in the build volume of a CR10.

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