Hello guys, there are a lot of videos on social platforms. Shows window running on Raspberry pi 4. And because of these rumors I brought one, second- hand from my friend. This will be the honest review to the performance of raspberry pi 4. So, I installed windows 10 test mode on my micro-Sd card.


finally, after booting up the system, I played some videos on YouTube in 720p resolution.

My System details:


Raspberry pi 4(4 cores, 4 threads)

Ram- 8Gb

CPU clock: 2GHz (Base-1.50GHz)

Memory:32gb external

Power supply: 5V 5 amps

Testing and more:


I am using 5 ampere power supply, yes, this one is overkill (raspberry pi needs maximum 3amps). Also, a stock cooler is there which is very helpful to cool the system. And this is mandatory when pi is overclocked.


An external 7inch touch screen and wired Keyboard and mouse system.

On the max settings of CPU and 8gb of ram, the performance of windows on raspberry is very bad. Due The stuttering effect and bottle neck of CPU I am very disappointed. Also, the CPU temperatures is too high even with this stock cooler.


Yet raspberry is handy portable option to some of the devices. but for a desktop it is not ready. If I compare it with other options like Pentium and Core 2 duo, they perform very good.

Last words:

If you are thinking to buy something like this for desktop, it may not be the better option. In the same price you will get a lot more performance from the INTEL and AMD.


But raspberry pi is champion in the work it is made for- IOT hubs, transferring data, weather prediction, electronics projects, collecting information and supply chains.

Do you know, we can also mine bitcoin on raspberry pi- Just kidding..