Going to the extreme to save a PCB for no reason!

I was given this game to repair and was shocked to find that every via on the PCB was destroyed. Time to order a new PCB for 12 bucks. Or...

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This game did not boot and its clear why. Every via has seen water damage which broke all of them. Obviously the "best" course of action for a PCB this badly damaged is to just replace it. BUT... I wanted to explore the extreme option of repairing every damaged via to get it working again.

I removed the soldermask of the PCB using sandpaper to expose the copper that will be used for soldering. From there I threaded 30 gauge wire through every via so that it could be used to fix the connection between the top and bottom layers.

After everything was soldered I applied a heavy coat of conformal coating to protect all the jumper wires and the exposed copper.

This was complete overkill for the love of overkill and I really love the results. So much that I plan on buying this a clear case to better display the work.

Check out the video for every bit of detail :)

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