Flexible PCB Actuator

The thinnest Magnetic Actuator!

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So far in my pcb motor projects the magnet was being actuated by the fix stator. With this flex pcb i have managed to do the opposite, have a fixed magnet that moves the pcb by its alternating magnetic field.

The pcb is dual layer and is 0.13mm thick. Although it has only 70 turns, the thin dielectric will improve the coupling.

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el jonco wrote 08/05/2018 at 06:28 point

With a row of magnets underneath the strip, pull coil 1, push coil 2 and 3, pull coil 4. This will bend your strip like an omega. Release coils 1-3 and you have forwarded your strip by 1 coil, caterpillar way.

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Simon Merrett wrote 07/24/2018 at 21:42 point

Fantastic! How about a swimming motion (like the Festo cuttlefish) by rippling that PCB up and down a "spine" and having fins down the side which follow the motion, transferring it to the fluid?

I also wonder if you can put two PCBs together and mechanically couple them for increased force.

Final thought - how about switching fluid flow with a valve made from this?

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Carl Bugeja wrote 07/25/2018 at 01:39 point

Hi! I have already done some experimentation on ferrofluid and pcb coils -

It certainly possible, if i add a ferrite core and find an easy way to make a pocket/valve.

Regarding the fish, have you seen the end of the video? That's exactly what I had in mind 🙂

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