A Strange Phone

Interactive prop commissioned for a red carpet premiere!

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Vintage ITT phone modified to delight/surprise guests at the ST4 premiere in NYC.

The company who sponsored it had last minute booth issues, so it never made it up!

But essentially:
- The company's booth was supposed to look like a Pizza shop from the 80's.
- Presumably, guests would think the phone was purely decorative, but every few minutes... it would ~ring~
- When the guest answered the call, they would hear some pre-recorded clips related to the show: fake pizza orders, concerned voicemails, and spooky sound effects.
- The phone would behave normally - buttons work, dialtone is present when you'd expect to be. When you try to dial out, you'd get the classic "disconnected" tone.

Full schematic/source code coming soon!
Highlights for now:

- Used phone's original keypad, receiver, and "hook"

- Logic/Audio controlled with a Sparkfun RP2040 Thing Plus running CircuitPython.

- 3 voices for audio: button/status tones, recorded messages, and ringer.

- All audio fed out to UDA1334A breakout from Adafruit (I2S DAC)

- All audio split out to two outputs: the receiver earpice, and a 3W speaker driven by PAM302 class D amp (breakout from Adafruit).

- The amplifier has an enable pin, which is only pulled high when the ringer audio is playing. So all audio goes through the earpiece, but only the ringer goes through the amplified speaker!

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