Atari 2600 games on Baffa-2 Project

Atari 2600 Expansion Board for Baffa-2 Homebrew Microcomputer

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"Baffatari" is the codename for the Baffa Atari 2600 board that allows you to run atari games on a computer with a 6502 CPU. It is currently part of the setup that allows the Baffa-2 to run programs like an Apple-1.
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Baffa-2 is an educational and personal project with the aim of understanding how computers work through 80's 8-bit commercial machine designs. It has a modular concept with boards that can be combined to develop your own design and configuration.
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Baffa-6502 is a subproject of Baffa-2 to create a new series of boards around the 6502 CPU architecture. This allows a new group of  retro computers to explore in my project.

The first "setup" is an Apple -1 that runs Atari 2600 games (like CP/M that runs Colecovision) and is still in development. For now, I was able to test the new Atari 2600 card for the Baffa-6502 (Codename  "Baffatari" 2600)

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Atari 2600 Setup:

Apple-1 + Atari 2600 Setup:

Presenting Baffatari project:

Loading games using Woz Monitor (Apple-1) via hexadecimal listing:

Loading games from Cartridge or SDCard:

I am proud to say that this project is sponsored by PCBWay.

  • Baffa-6502: Loading "Demon Attack" Atari 2600 Game on Apple-1 from Cartridge or SDCard

    Augusto Baffa08/31/2022 at 20:27 0 comments

    Using all boards:

    Using only Baffatari and CPU boards + Cartridge Expansion:

  • Presenting New PCBs

    Augusto Baffa08/31/2022 at 20:24 0 comments

    SDCard Interface (adaptation of P-LAB's "APPLE-1 microSD STORAGE CARD"

    Cartridge Expansion

    Atari 2600 Memory Pages 

  • Sponsorship from PCBWay

    Augusto Baffa08/31/2022 at 20:12 0 comments

    I have been designing several PCBs for the Baffa-2 Homebrew Microcomputer project and I have received great support from PCBWay to continue advancing these projects with 8-bit computer compatible modules.

    In March, I had thought about taking a break from the project and that's when I was offered PCBWay support for my project. I couldn't even imagine the possibility of getting such support, even knowing that PCBWay sponsors and supports many projects in the Retro community. The Baffa-2 was still a small project and this support made it possible to speed up the production of several boards that I had already designed but that I could not imagine when I would be able to test them.

    A few days ago, I received the latest set of PCBs under PCBWay's sponsorship. They helped me to finalize what I had designed for the Baffa-6502/Baffatari - Apple-1 compatible computer that is capable of running Atari 2600 games. I am very happy to be able to present this project results and I would not have been able to finish it without the sponsorship of PCBWay.

    Thanks PCBWay for your support

    PCBs in the box... what are they?

    The production and delivery of the boards was very fast.

    This set completes the Baffatari 2600 project :) - Baffatari Address Pages, Baffatari Cartridge Socket and SDCard Interface (adaptation of P-LAB's "APPLE-1 microSD STORAGE CARD"

  • Loading Games from Cartridge or SDCard

    Augusto Baffa07/10/2022 at 12:33 0 comments

    For now, I can load games only by listing (hex code) via terminal, but I've designed two ways to load games on my apple-1 replica/baffatari.

    If you have an Unocart or old cartridges, you can use the backplane's peripheral port to attach a cartridge expansion. This allows you to run games directly from the cartridge.

    But, there is the option to load the games via SDCARD... The SDCard board is based on P-LAB's "Apple-1 microSD storage card".

    Both boards will be available soon... Can't wait to post videos showing them working :)

  • Loading a Game using Woz Monitor for the Apple-1

    Augusto Baffa07/03/2022 at 06:07 0 comments

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