Augusto Baffa

Lecturer/Researcher @ PUC-Rio ICAD/Visionlab, Galgos, LES

Rio de Janeiro
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Marcelo Dantas wrote 05/10/2021 at 00:27 point

Hi Augusto,

Thanks for following RunCPM.

Make sure to join our Discord server. Lots of good people and cool things happening there.

More details on the GitHub Readme.



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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 05/08/2021 at 15:04 point

Thank you for liking and following my project #PERSEUS-8 homemade 6502 computer ! Now I am making a single precision BCD floating point input/output machine language program on this computer.

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agp.cooper wrote 05/08/2021 at 07:25 point

Hi Augusto, thanks for following CPU4.

The CPU4 was a "push" in the direction of a "programmable micro-code" CPU. I felt it was chip expensive without any real advantage (too many clock cycles to do anything).

That is, it is a dead end.

My 8 bit TTA Interpreter project was a better implementation of the "programmable micro-code model", but an 8 bit memory paging system resulted in a unreasonably small memory page. Even so I did manage to code a serial I/O interrupt, call/return, push/pop codes, etc. I think a 12 bit version of the TTA Interpreter may have merit platform for a demonstration computer.

I do have a single/double cycle 4 bit CPU prototype in the pipeline that I am excited about. Just some pencil drawings at the moment. 16 instructions and less than 20 SSI chips excluding RAM/ROM.

As you have noticed I am not really a fan of LSI PROM microcode systems.

Regards AlanX

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