10 MHz GPS Frequency Standard

Stand-alone GPS based design does not require PC. Generates a 10 MHz output after satellite lock.

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Generates a 10 MHz output after satellite lock.


  • 50 Ohm Coax Driver Card

    land-boards.com07/31/2022 at 10:10 0 comments

    Made a 50 Ohm coax driver card (DRIVE50).

    • "TTL" Level Line driver
    • 50 or 75 Ohm output impedance
    • BNC or SMA output connector
    • 10K pull-up on input
    • Card is non-inverting
    • 1.5V-5.5V power
      • Typically 3.3V or 5V
    • 3-pin right angle 0.1" pitch input connector
    • (4) 4-40 mounting holes

    Installed in Box

    Card works well.

  • PulseGen Modifications

    land-boards.com07/03/2022 at 18:10 0 comments

    Some minor mods are required to the PulseGen card as a 50  Ohm driver These involves removal of the Oscillator R/C parts. If you order a PulseGen card from us on Tindie please let us know in the notes with your order and we will pre-build it with these mods.

    Schematic Modifications

    PCB Modifications

    The PPS out of the GPS gets attached to the pad as shown below. I used Superglue to hold the wire to the pad.

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