DeepDeck: an OpenSource Macropad like no other!

DeepDeck is a wireless, fully programmable, OpenSource macropad with 16 RGB, mechanical keys, and two rotary encoders with push buttons.

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DeepDeck is a wireless, fully programmable, open-source macropad with 16 RGB, mechanical keys, and two rotary encoders with push buttons. It uses the powerful and versatile ESP32 module to connect to your device via Bluetooth, whether that device runs Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, or something else. You can customize DeepDeck to improve your productivity by programming keys, macros, and shortcuts.

DeepDeck is an OpenSource, MacroPad (mini mechanical keyboard) that enables you to get more productive by using it with your work/hobby/leisure programs.

With DeepDeck you can do things like:

👩🎨 Become a Photoshop/Inscape/etc/ ninja
🧑💻 Have all your shortcuts for your hacking (?) programs
👩🔧 Master Freecad/Solidworks/etc/ and become a 3d Pro!
🕵 Debug better your code in VScode using shortcuts to navigate it
🧙 Become a game wizard: having all the shortcuts at hand feels like magic
🧞♀ Become an editor genie: either audio or video, edit it like a wish come true

DeepDeck Features!

We don't want DeepDeck to be just another MacroPad. We want it to have SuperPowers 🦸 and make it different from what you have seen before!

These are some features:
🎃 It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and you can even connect it with your phone!
🎃 Wireless! connects with your device with Bluetooth, but also has WiFi.
🎃 Wifi?.. Wifi! You can program it to connect to APIs and check the weather, your youtube subscribers, or get your daily tasks list from Notion.
🎃 No software compatibility issues. DeepDeck does not need a software to be configurated. It works like the modems/routers. It has an internal webpage where you can configure everything. You can do it from your computer. You can do it from your phone!
🎃 We are working hard to build a strong community , so every time it has more features and becomes more versatile!

And for the geeky audience, here are more technical features:
🤓 Based on ESP32, so Bluetooth and Wifi integrated.
🤓 4x4 mechanical keys with hotswaps!
🤓 2 RGB LEDs for status.
🤓 RGB LEDs on every key.
🤓 2 rotary encoders with push buttons, and gestures like double-click and long-press.
🤓 128x64 OLED screen
🤓 I2C port for future sensor expansion.
🤓 Connector for LiPo Battery.
🤓 USB C connector.
🤓 Embedded settings menu.
🤓 Embedded webpage for advanced configurations.

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  • Our crowdfunding campaign is online!

    Nick Velasquez10/01/2022 at 00:42 0 comments

    We are very excited that we can finally announce our project! DeepDeck is more than just an open-hardware macropad with LEDs, rotary encoders, and a screen. We see it as the multitool of input devices. And, while it comes with a lot of built-in functionality, we are working hard to integrate even more. We invite you to join the DeepDeck community and help us think of new features that never would have occurred to us!

    You can see the campaign at

  • Core functionality

    Nick Velasquez08/17/2022 at 20:53 0 comments

    Right now you can use macros, key assignments, and layers on the 16 keys and 2 knobs on DeepDeck.

    In order to change it you have to get into the code and change it. We are developing an embedded website so you can change everything without the need of external software! you can find more info on that in

    The next steps are:

    - Access point mode and internal webpage

    - Setting menu on the OLED. It already exist but there is nothing much there yet.

    - Different types of RGB LED interactions

    - Connection to different APIs, like Notion, Jira, etc

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Nazwa wrote 09/20/2022 at 13:25 point

meybe add power and .... nothing more ;)

this is ideal for me but i need BT or system on board

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