"Y Ddraig Fach" which means the little dragon in Welsh. I'm continuing the computer naming scheme I started with Y Ddraig. This is my take on what would have been a powerful 80's computer. The PCB has designed with the goal of creating a case for it. The shape of the PCB and the use of a C64 keyboard should allow a case to be designed that will resemble an 80's computer when finished.


  • MC68B09 CPU running at 2Mhz
  • 512K banked SRAM
  • 32K ROM (2 x 16K Banks)
  • Commodore 64 keyboard interface
  • 2 x Serial port
  • 2 x Joystick ports
  • SD Card interface
  • Commodore style IEC interface
  • Real time clock
  • V9958 video output with RGB and composite outputs
  • YM2203 sound chip
  • Expansion slot

Design has been completed for a while, just need to build the board next.