The main board is a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I'm thinking in upgrade it with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W or a Radxa Zero. The screen and the battery are Spotpear hats this is the first time I use them for a DIY protect and work fine, the drivers are available in the supplier web page and are easily accessible with a QR code included in the box product, Is easy to install the drivers for most buster based distros, also the Spotpear webpage include pre-builded images for Raspian and Retropie to be used as reference or just to use them directly. Kali Linux has at least 3 ISO to build the device, I decided to use the Re4son PiTail ISO image for best workflow.

The 3D printed body and the 3D printed case will be uploaded in my web page soon but I am sure than more than one will like to make their own version.