Mise en place (RC 2022/10)

A project log for Flounder Z180 Computer

Standalone single-board computer based on the Zilog Z180 CPU

Colin MaykishColin Maykish 10/01/2022 at 04:390 Comments

I've been kicking around the idea of building a single-board computer around the Zilog Z180 for a while. It fits nicely between my Herring 6502 and Mackerel 68000 projects. It's got the simplicity of an 8-bit processor with a few more bells and whistles that makes it a little more interesting than the original Z80 for me.

I'm starting this project as my entry into the Retro Challenge 2022/10,, which runs through the month of October. My goal is to get a functional single-board computer from this pile of parts:

This collection may evolve over the course of the challenge, but the quick outline is:

In previous computer projects, I've relied pretty heavily on my PC as the main I/O with the older hardware. This works great, but in the spirit of the Retro Challenge, I'd like to end up with a system that can stand on its own a little better, hence the addition of the nice big LCD display and the PS/2 keyboard. Instead of loading programs over the PC serial port, I'd like to use the CH376 as a "hard drive" allowing the system to operate without a tether.

If I get all of this working within the month, it'll be a miracle, but in the event that I do, my stretch goal is to get a PCB manufactured and build an enclosure. Should be a fun month!