This system obtains the maximum energy from the wind in less space using multiple small ac/dc motors as generators and giving as result, a multi-generator & an interconnected multi-stage vertical wind turbine system. It can be built also a powerful array with this system, profiting from the high rpm that the turbines in the last stage are able to generate.

The multi stage vertical wind turbine consists of 2 vertical stages where the top stage spins over an already rotating bottom stage making the top stage to rotate by itself and adding to its rotation the bottom stage rotation. It can be added several more stage. The system transmits the electricity from the upper stage to the bottom stage through 2 washers, each one transmitting the positive and negative wire of the dc motors placed in the top stage to the bottom

A group of students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences have taken this device for their project in a construction class.

The system has been evaluated with a power of 600 WATTS

This device is based in a pending patent about open/closed turbo machines that can be viewed and downloaded in pdf.

The multi-stage system can be better viewed in video

In the video below it can be viewed the multi-stage system that from the bottom stage (Black big turbines) to the first stage (Small red turbines), we will obtain from 2 multi-meters, different outputs for the same device. A leaf blower is used for the test and it focus the wind in the turbine blades below or above separately, so when it blows the stage below (Black big turbines) it drags the upper stage (Small red turbines) and when the leaf blower is directed to the top red blades it drags the lower stage (Black blades),

This device as other prototypes can be found and obtained at our campaign in kickstarter that is now in pre launch mode.