• Bluetooth audio playback and FFT processing

    Jamal-Ra-Davis11/28/2022 at 06:33 0 comments

    Used EPS32 A2DP library to setup dev board as a Bluetooth audio sink and generate I2S data to send to audio amp. This library also allows for receiving raw incoming audio data via a callback function, I then performed an FFT on the incoming data and used the results to update the display.

    Work left to do:

    • Volume and pairing control via buttons
    • Status LED to reflect pairing and battery status
    • Audio playback from SD card
    • Text and animations when not playing audio

  • Development board fabbed/assembled

    Jamal-Ra-Davis11/28/2022 at 06:30 0 comments

    Designed development board to vet out project design while allowing for easy access to key test points (Power rails, I2C, I2S, and UART) and to test different hardware gain settings for the audio amp. This development board includes: 

    • ESP32 Module
    • The LED matrix and shift register driving circuitry
    • RGB status LED
    • micro SD card
    • I2S audio amp
    • FTDI chip
    • Fuel Gauge module
    • 3.3V Buck regulator
    • Push buttons (Volume, Pairing, Reset)

    The development board was fabbed and assembled by JLCPCB, shown below: