Blackberry Pi

A hand held raspberry pi zero 2 powered device.

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This is my hand held raspberry pi project.
The case is designed by me and is ongoing.
I use Tinkercad to design it. I 3D printed the parts on my Creality CR10S. The design is modular. The keyboard is removable by sliding it off. I plan to make different modules that can be swapped depending on what you want to do. A keyboard for typing, a controller for games, and a couple ideas i had. I plan to sell the housings.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero 2W A small SBC
  • 1 × Pimoroni hyperpixel 4.0 square with touch A really nice lcd screen with touch
  • 1 × BBQ20KBD keyboard A BlackBerry keyboard from Solderparty that turns it into a USB keyboard and mouse
  • 1 × MH-CD42 charge/discharge board A small board that handles the battery charging and also has a constant 5 volt output
  • 1 × USB-C breakout board A USB-C breakout board that has resistors on cc1 and cc2 so i can power it from my PD chargers

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pdrift86 wrote 02/24/2023 at 03:06 point

I have actually redesigned this project and it now has a pi4 in it. I removed the usb and ethernet ports to slim it down. I will update this project this weekend.

Yes the pimoroni drivers can be a pain. My suggestion is to start with a fresh install of raspberry pi os.

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ombudsman wrote 02/23/2023 at 23:03 point

Awesome, really nice hand/pocket pc. I was trying to build the same project but with a rpi 4. Sadly I have a huge problem with drivers/hardware for the pimoroni 4.0 sq touch screen. What version of raspbian are currently running on rpi zero 2w board ?

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