Low-Power E-Paper Calendar

An attempt at building a stylish, low-power calendar, thanks to the ESP32 and an e-paper display that (for now) resembles a framed picture

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Thanks to a friend, I recently got my hands on a beautiful, large 7.5" e-paper display capable of displaying images in red, white and black, but thanks to image dithering, looks like it can display quite a few more shades of color.

I thought about different applications for the display (there is no shortage of inspiration on here) and landed on the idea of a calendar, displaying the date on top of an image read from an SD card.

The display came without a driver board, but luckily waveshare sells compatible driver boards, including ones with an ESP32 attached, which is the one I chose for this project.

Since e-paper is a great low-power technology and the ESP32 comes with a variety of power-efficient sleep modes, this project might run for several years at a time!

I have uploaded some images of what the finished project might look like.

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