Casio Smartwatch

A low power, bluetooth smartwatch made with a Casio watch casing.

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A smartwatch I've been building using an nrf5340 inside of a Casio W800H.
- ISP2053 as the microcontroller
- BMA400 accelerometer
- BMP280
- LIS2MDLTR magnetometer
- LS010B7DH04 memory-in-pixel display
- reuses the buzzer on the W800H backplate
- emulates a PineTime watch to use GadgetBridge
- music control via GadgetBridge
- weather via GadgetBridge
- Apple notifications coming soon!
- npm1100 battery charger
- lipo battery: 2 day battery life but I haven't optimized the firmware yet.

I started with the Nordic nrf5 SDK and then ported it over to ZephyrOS. I started with an nrf52840 (HJ-840) but the nrf5340 was too tempting.

Planning on open sourcing it soon.

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Discussions wrote 02/05/2023 at 01:54 point

thanks! I wanted to use and f-91w but I couldn't find a low power display small enough. I'm planning on integrating the ANCS service from .

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baukespoelstra wrote 02/05/2023 at 00:29 point

this is so cool! I actually wanted to try this with my casio f-91w. How will you be doing apple notifications? 

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