Victorian Teletype

This is a Mashup of a 1903 and a 1988 typewriters. They become my version of a Teletype and Steampunk printer.

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The Remington # 7 , a 1903 typewriter, I'm guessing was in some sort of fire, was covered in soot, water damaged rusty and seized.
The other typewriter a Sharp PA-3000 electronic daisy wheel circa 1988.
I stripped down the Remington to the framework and started to convert, meld, form, modify, curse, swear, rebuild, strip down again and again over a period of a year...ish.
resulting in this thing I named NVictria, its a play on Invictus and Victoria ( Victorian era ).
I have now a Victorian based Steampunk teleprinter.
It communicated at 300 baud cause the rest of the computer system it "talks" to is 1980's vintage, see My Cosmac VIP/ Elf computer ( look it up).

Here's a link to the NVictria YouTube video

Thanks to for great job/ quality/ sponsoring.

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