• Completion

    lion mclionhead04/02/2023 at 22:39 0 comments

    The previous wiring diagram failed.  In fact, it was necessary to connect GND to B-, 8.4V to B+, & simulate the center tap with a pair of 220k's.  The camera DRM requires the center pins to respond to a challenge which requires the battery brain to be fully functional.  

    The other requirement with this is the battery must be powered up before being inserted into the camera or it'll never power up.  

    Then we have a minimal strain relief.

    The model could use a hair taller enclosure & smaller board alignment fiducial, but the lion kingdom ran out of time.

    It was a total waste of time compared to getting  a $14 product.


    But it arrived a lot faster than snail mail.

  • Death of a wasabi

    lion mclionhead04/01/2023 at 01:55 0 comments

    The lion kingdom's wasabi battery puffed after 3 years, creating a source of dummy battery parts.

    There's no way to open it without destroying the plastic.  Once inside, we're greeted with 2 uninsulated cells which are very easy to short circuit.  

    The jackpot is the gold plated circuit board.  It would cost a fortune to make that.

    The object of the game is to connect B+ & P-.  BC is a balancing terminal which doesn't exist in a dummy battery.  B- isn't connected to the terminal.

    The enclosure has tabs for aligning the board.